Some people might think that contemporary style can look cheap but that can be until you see this Nobili Design dazzling project. Many believe that contemporary style is cheap because it is associated with little furniture and rather blank walls. But if you think better, with the right choice of furniture and accessories it can become an awesome artifact you can stare at it hours and hours. You don’t have to believe me by word, just look at the pictures.

When you look at the first images with the living room and the dining area you understand that there is nothing too cheap in here. Actually the finishes are so fine and the materials selected are all so good looking. Natural wood in such a sleek design, natural colors blended and mixed with bold colors, all give character to the whole picture. Look at this waterfall effect in the middle! You could stare at it days and nights.

That’s not cheap sight at all maybe rather precious. Just imagine how wonderful must be to have a waterfall in your house. The chandelier in the living room is combining practical with awesome looking. There is also a beautiful sofa, a nice composition of chests and cupboards to store the necessaries. I must mention the stone effect wall and the special corner with natural stones and a pot of flowers, so relaxing to see. The bedrooms look so stylish and opulent with such fine materials and fabrics.

Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design services provider all across Europe and beyond. With significant experience from more than a decade, we have built a strong portfolio of classic and modern projects, either for residential and commercial customers. We have successfully made projects in big cities of Europe, such as Paris, London, Madrid but also beyond Europe, in Sao Paolo, Dubai and many more. We can provide the full concept of the house or office as you wish, as well as the right choice of furniture, finishes and accessories. If you have a project in mind just give us a call.

Luxury contemporary interior design home in Marseille | Interior design Marseille

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Residential interior design Marseille

December 14th, 2022