Every project starts with an empty white house or apartment which needs to be transformed in the best home for our customers’ needs. As a painting starts with a blank canvas, it depends on the painter to become a masterpiece or an object that will be neglected. This is why the customer is the key of how the interior design is created. The customer has some needs in terms of occupation, what is he doing at home, maybe he is a painter and needs space for a workshop or maybe is a content editor who needs a comfortable office and so on.

Apart from this there are the things and colors the customers like and don’t like. If there are many people in house everyone has their say and must be listened. The project represented in the pictures has gone also through these processes. Here we are looking at the final pictures and we are so proud of what we did, especially the customer who is very satisfied. The dominant color of this classic apartment interior design is light beige. Is a very warm and welcoming color, very comfortable to see.

The contrasting emerald green on the couch in the living room and on the kitchen cupboard give a shot of pure wonderful color, right where is needed. The latest appliances help this home be easy to use and maintain. The carpet texture in the living room is very nice to see. There is a classic fireplace, which gives a good source of warmth and comfort. In the bedroom there is a large comfortable bed, with a nightstand on each side, so useful to store things at hand. There is also a brown armchair and a vanity table. The large windows allow to see the surrounding area.

With a wide range of projects, classic or modern, which are located in different cities in Europe and more, Nobili Design team has gathered solid experience and trust. For any size job give us a call. Nobili Design is there to provide the concept as well as the full range of furniture and accessories.

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Luxury classic style project for apartment in Manchester | Interior design Manchester

Office interior architecture Manchester

January 5th, 2023