We are proud of the solid reputation we have built along the years, a reputation built on trust and cooperation.Modern house interior design concept in ManchesterModern house interior design concept in ManchesterModern house interior design concept in ManchesterModern house interior design concept in ManchesterModern house interior design concept in ManchesterModern house interior design concept in ManchesterModern house interior design concept in ManchesterModern house interior design concept in ManchesterWe are very careful at customers' needs and do our best to create a wonderful atmosphere in the home or office of our customers. Our team at Nobili Design is putting every possible effort to make a spectacular interior design every time. No two projects will look the same as our approach is based on innovation and collaboration.

We did many interior design projects for modern style houses but you can’t miss this one. We don’t say it to brag ourselves but to show you that we really put our best in every interior design project we do. The best word describing the style of this home is minimalism but to a different degree, more refined and elegant. The shapes are simple and clear and every inch is thought to be useful and good looking at the same time and moreover, to be of the best quality possible. The best choice of finest materials, easy to maintain and surprisingly beautiful every time.

The spaces are clearly defined. The living room marked by a massive large sofa, in an interesting L shape of a copper brown color. There is a coffee table looking gorgeous in a contemporary design style. There is also a beautiful array of shelves and chests around the TV stand, creating a nice composition. The light chandelier is looking very outstanding in an interesting design.

The bedroom is looking like from a Hollywood movie, with the sleek wardrobe, large and simple in shape but opulent in finish. There is also a large bed and nightstand on each side, very practical to store things. The dominant colors are neutral, white, grey and natural wood color.

We can provide the full concept for your home or apartment but also commercial purposes such as clothes shop, beauty salons, restaurants and hotels. Moreover, we can also advise you on the right furniture and finishes, from a portfolio of many luxury brands. We have projects successfully done in big cities of Europe such as Rome, Berlin, Paris, London but also Dubai or Sao Paolo. Just in case you would like a wonderful home or office for yourself, give us a call. We are ready to take your order, as challenging as it may be.

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Nobili Design interior design projects are varied and distinguished, with interior design projects for homes and apartments, restaurants, cafe bar, hotel rooms, office spaces, or beauty salons. In addition to the interior design, our architects also offer exterior design services, with special Nobili Design projects being developed in cities such as Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Wiganetc. The services offered by Nobili Design include both interior design projects and exterior design projects, as the interior design of a home mirrors and reflects its exterior design. The services of our specialists are addressed to all people who want to change something in their personal space, to add to their taste of life, to eliminate any routine trace or monotony. Portfolio Manchester: manchester interior designer | Interior design for modern luxury home in Manchester | Interior design project classic house in Manchester | Modern house interior design concept in Manchester | Interior design hotel concept in Manchester | Classic house interior design concept in Manchester | Interior design concept for a clothes shop in Manchester | Luxury home interior design project in Manchester | Beauty salon interior design concept in Manchester | Hotel interior design project in Manchester | Beauty salon interior design project in Manchester | Terrace restaurant interior design project in Manchester. The services offered by Nobili Design interior design studio are defined by words such as impeccable, irreproachable, unique, ample, special. In this sense, we notice through communication and understanding, we see beyond the needs and preferences of our clients, we help and suggest the styles we consider to be suitable for each client, which highlights the fact that we personalize every project according to the taste, choice and financial possibilities of each client in part. Therefore, Nobili Design's interior design projects are appreciated by all of our clients, as we imprint and passionately involve each project, distinguished by clarity, value, refinement, transmitting emotion, comfort, balance, peace and harmony. As far as the interior design of a home or any other space is concerned, the ultimate ambience must emerge with warmth, safety and comfort. All these are taken into consideration by the team of architects and designers at Nobili Design in the interior design projects, completed by the inspirational equilibrium required in every space. Thus, the interior arrangement of a home requires a broad vision, a general image transposed into reality, taking into account the main elements, but also the secondary ones, which have a very important role. Regarding the chosen design style, our interior design services are made mainly in the luxury classic and modern style. Although both styles are distinguished by their specific features, they are in fact quite different. As a matter of fact, specialists have gained a great experience in helping customers choose the style that suits them, although it is not excluded a "mélange" between the two styles, which was also done by our designers, the result being one remarkable. Nobili Design puts emphasis on customer-designer relationship so that each project passionately in Manchester, UK made by our team of architects and designers is a source of warmth, harmony and happiness for our clients. In this sense, we offer a wide and customized range of interior design projects, tailored to each customer, according to their tastes, tastes and needs. More projects in Manchester: Interior design concept for a modern apartment in Manchester | Mediterranean style interior design restaurant in Manchester | Interior design concept modern apartment in Manchester | Classic interior design apartment project in Manchester | Contemporary style interior design home in Manchester | Interior design classic luxury home in Manchester | Contemporary interior design project house in Manchester | Luxury classic style project for apartment in Manchester | luxury interior design manchester. The specialists in interior architecture and in creating interior design projects can help you fulfill your dreams about the ideals of developing a classic or modern luxury project for your home, apartment, restaurant, cafe, shop, beauty salon, hotel or office in Manchester, UK. 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