Modern classic apartment interior design

Nobili Design comes with great ideas and projects for great people! We love to share our work with you, especially when it comes to successful ones, like this beautiful, modern, luxurious apartment. Nobili design has been active on the interior design market for more than 10 years and our portfolio is complex and unique with lots of successful projects all over the world.

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We take good care of our customer's needs and we always put up with the rigorous demands, no matter how challenging they might be. Our designers and architects work together to create different extraordinary projects in different styles such as Classic, Modern, Eclectic, Mediterranean, Scandinavian and more. In our residential portfolio luxury, elegance and opulence are always present in each corner and we always try to make it even better. As a plus for our customers, Nobili Design can help in choosing the right materials and pieces of furniture from a very qualitative range of producers. For this beautiful, modern and luxurious apartment, our designers and architects created a unique 3D project that impresses not only at first sight but even throughout details.

We deal with apartment interior design projects all around Europe and across oceans, always exceeding in elegance, luxury, opulence, richness, and glamour. In this particular category of our interior design portfolio, you can admire our projects for high-class apartment interior in all shapes, forms, and sizes. In this gorgeous, elegant apartment we can observe the usage of light colors in the living room furniture, such as beige and cream, along with the contrasting black found in decorative details, chairs, and pillows. The living room is an open-space area, beautifully connected with the kitchen and the dining room; together creating a unique space for relaxation of your friends and family. The modern details can be observed in each corner of this space, and the luxury and richness is given by the combination of colors along with golden insertions here and there. The lightning objects are truly spectacular and complete the perfect scenario for a relaxing evening. Going to the intimate part of the house, the bedroom comes in a brighter tone, but with elements that keep the luxury and the modern aspect. The beautiful king-sized bed is offering the whole picture a sense of intimacy, while the white furniture with golden insertions, offer the room the exact measure of luxury and comfort.

Nobili Design is at your service with a generous commercial and residential portfolio from which you can choose the most suitable one for you and your family. If you have any ideas, don't hesitate to share them with us via e-mail: office.nobilidesign[@] and let's make the magic happen.

Modern classic apartment interior design

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