Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design services provider that can make magic happen in your home. This classic and very stylish apartment in London exceeds elegance and luxury, offering the perfect space for our customers. The classic style in terms of interior design and architecture is usually considered pretty rigid and many think that it cannot be adapted to a modern-like aspect.

Nobili talented team highlights in every classic design project from its complex portfolio, that magic can happen even for our most rigorous customers. This lovely classic London apartment offers more than just a simple place to live in; it comes along with great personality, luxury, and elegance.

Having more than 10 years of experience in satisfying our clients with commercial and residential successful projects, we try to bring to life every 3D design and turn it into a perfect home. We use the finest colors, materials, textures, and fabrics in order to create a space that answers to functionality, comfort, elegance, and luxury. The classic materials, qualitative furniture, details, and late appliances create a wonderful atmosphere of luxury and refinement in every corner of this stylish apartment in London.

The large spaces with rich natural light are nicely arranged with matching colors furniture and curtains. The details and textures of the fabrics and on the walls are exquisite and along with the luxurious choice in terms of furniture, lighting objects, and decorative elements, create an imposing, sumptuous and opulent aspect. The predominant light palette of colors: beige, cream, white and light brown fit perfectly with the classic style of this apartment.

The living room is connected with the kitchen and the dining room in a unique large-spaced room, being subtly separated by elegantly carved walls. The bedrooms continue the classic lines of the picture we already got used to and impress with opulence and style. The furniture, decorative details, and splashes of colors were carefully chosen in order to have a perfect, intimate sleep oasis.

Nobili team of architects and designers have always put the customer's desires beyond everything. We take every project as a challenge and we transform dreams into reality. We develop projects all over Europe and across the oceans and greet the most rigorous demands with lots of talent, innovation, and courage.

Classic Stylish Apartment in London

Classic interior design for London apartment

August 20th, 2019