This chic modern apartment in London is one of many projects we are proud of, and we surely recommend it to every customer who desires to have his dream home. This wonderful project of a modern apartment in London brought a glow to our complex residential portfolio and greet its owners with fancy and elegant furniture, shapes, textures, decorations, and fabrics. We pride ourselves with more than 10 years of experience in making the magic happen into our customer's lives.

This chich, modern interior design our team created for this apartment in London satisfies the most rigorous demands of our customers and impresses throughout luxury and elegance. The word best describing it is minimalism. The furniture is truly qualitative and we can observe that extravagance can be found in every corner. The sleek shapes, the lines that define the design are carefully chosen in order to create a functional, relaxing space for our customers.

The open space living room is beautifully connected with the dining room and the kitchen, which creates an elegant flow throughout the whole apartment. The dominant white color in the living room and kitchen is carefully contrasted with dark grey elements and color blocks and comes along with plain of style and charm. The bedrooms exceed in terms of design, luxury, and comfort, while the shapes, textures, fabrics are impressive and highlight the modern aspect of the interior design.

The grey color dominates in this room offering a very intimate and relaxing mood, while every decorative detail goes beyond expectations. The bathroom greets the owners of this home with a glass-made shower cabin which is by far the most luxurious choice our team made. The dark palette of colors we find all around the apartment is also found in the bathroom, following the same elegant patterns.

Nobili Design is a very enthusiastic team of talented designers and architects that will make magic happen, for your office, house, apartment, hotel, restaurant, or salon. We offer qualitative interior design and architectural projects in London, Paris, Rome but also Nantes, Marseille, Tirana even Sao Paolo and we don't stand back when it comes to challenges.

Chic Modern Apartment in London

Modern apartment interior design

January 21st, 2023