This modern project for a beautiful apartment in London greets his clients with uniqueness and elegance. Nobili team of architects and designers face every challenge with success and is ready to take upon any kind of interior design project. This modern and stylish apartment in London offers a beautiful picture of the modern interior design style and overreaches the level of luxury.

The predominant colors in each room are white, pale pink and beige offering this chic apartment in London a very light atmosphere. All the finishes, furniture, and decorative objects are qualitative, sleek and nicely shaped. The living room is beautifully connected with the dining room and the kitchen, offering an open-space room with lots of advantages. Here and there the rooms please the sight with black accents and solid color decorative elements such as yellow pillows and petrol chairs. The extravagant chandeliers offer a sense of luxury and opulence to the apartment.

The modern kitchen appliances offer a very relaxing mood for the owners as they can spend quality cooking time, easing their job. The house offers a reading oasis, a small office that can serve as a quiet corner or as a home-working place. The bedrooms are large-sized and offer the perfect sleep oasis for each member of this home. There are large comfortable upholstered beds, with practical nightstands, a white-wooden wardrobe and a chest for the TV. The luxurious aspect we got used to in the rest of the house is greeting the owners in the bedrooms too. The lightning objects are as opulent as in the rest of the rooms and maintain the modern style appearance.

Nobili Design team of specialists in architecture and interior design are ready for any challenging project. We rely on innovation and trust, we pride ourselves with more than 10 years of experience in architecture and interior design and greet our customers with unique and complex portfolios. We offer projects for houses, apartments, restaurants, hotels, offices, and salons all over Europe, and in cities as Paris, Rome, London, Marseille, Sao Paolo, and many others.

Modern Luxurious Apartment in London

Sleek Modern Design for London Apartment

August 20th, 2019