Nobili team is a family of great architects and interior designer who will take care of your wishes. This flawless apartment in London is one of our many successful projects and meets the characteristics of classic and contemporary styles, all in one. Matching and mixing two different interior design styles is a pretty hard job for many, but for our talented team is always a perfect way to demonstrate that right proportions and a good repartition of objects is the key to an outstanding project.

For this wonderful apartment in London, Nobili Design answered to all its customer's requirements and managed to use just the right amount of qualitative, luxurious furniture and finishes in both classic and contemporary styles.

The living room is very spacious and beautifully connected with the dining room, highlighting the luxurious aspect of this project. The usage of pale colors, such as cream and beige along with golden furniture details and decorative pieces created a very stylish picture in which an afternoon becomes more than just relaxing.

The kitchen has modern appliances and the glass door between it and the living room creates an optical impression of continuity. The same palette of colors is used in the kitchen and the white furniture with golden details is predominant all over the room. Moving to the more intimate part of this beautiful apartment in London, we can observe the continuity of classic mixed with contemporary styles, creating an outstanding picture.

The bedrooms are spacious, the white furniture fits perfectly in the beige and cream background and a splash of color comes along with the curtains and decorative objects. Nobili Design architects and interior design are very careful at listening to the customer needs, requirements and preferences.

With more than 10 years of hard and passionate work, we pride ourselves with a very complex and unique portfolio of interior design projects that satisfies even the most rigorous demands. We can make your dreams come true no matter if you call for a house, apartment, hotel, restaurant or salon.

We can provide architecture and interior design services everywhere around Europe, such as in big cities like Rome, Paris, London, Berlin but also Milan, Barcelona, Marseilles, Amsterdam, Dubai, Sao Paolo.

Flawless London Apartment

Luxurious Classic Contemporary London Apartment

August 20th, 2019