Our stylish and luxurious project for this beautiful house in London is by far one of the most impressive interior design project you'll see. We love to face challenges and moreover, we enjoy to put on the table our most talented designers and architects. Our team of designers and architects has always been careful to create a beautiful mixture between the fine lines, along with a palette of natural shades and create an exclusive atmosphere that fully satisfied our customer’s requirements.

In this particular house in London, the modern style meets good taste and a careful choice of materials and furniture that transformed a monotonous and unappealing atmosphere into an elegant and attractive one. Our portfolio is overwhelmingly rich and you can certainly find what you are looking for in order to create your dream house and moreover, to make it come true.

In this wonderful project, the modern style manages to shine the moment as the futuristic furniture, rich details and décor put each other in the spotlight. The living room is beautifully connected with the dining room and creates a unique space in which the mixture of colors play a beautiful rainbow show in our view. The predominant colors are light and dark brown, cream and beige but along with splashes of green and grey, create an extraordinary environment, an oasis of relaxation for a perfect afternoon.

We can take a closer look at the brick wall that offers the whole space a very modern aspect and attracts the view in the first place. The bedrooms are quite spacious and follow the same luxurious, contemporary pattern as in the rest of the house. We notice the usage of vivid colors such as light blue and green, found in curtains, bed, and decorative details.

The third bedroom is using a darker tone in terms of colors and it inspires a more intimate aspect. The black furniture, curtains, and details are predominant here, but we don't omit to add a splash of color as you can find in the decorative pillows on the bed. Nobili family is a great team of talented and professional architects and interior designers and we greet our clients with the highest quality services on the market. If you had in mind your dream house but you are too afraid to face the challenges, let us do the magic and you won't regret it.

We have successful projects all over Europe including big cities such as Paris, Rome, Milan, London and so on and so forth.

Luxurious Contemporary House in London

Stylish luxury contemporary home

August 13th, 2019