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Nobili family is introducing you to modern interior design for a beautiful house in London, reaching the goal throughout elegance, luxury, and charm. Our clients from London have declared themselves more than satisfied with this wonderful project and we don't lose any chance in making the best out of every task we get. Modern Interior Design for London HomeModern Interior Design for London HomeModern Interior Design for London HomeModern Interior Design for London HomeModern Interior Design for London HomeModern Interior Design for London HomeModern Interior Design for London HomeModern Interior Design for London Home

 The modern interior design concept is always a good choice in terms of furniture, decorations, details, and colors. Our team of designers and architects has always come up with brilliant ideas that highlight every inch and corner of the house by giving the central stage to class, style, and grace. For this particular project, the team draws attention to modern design features such as wooden and natural elements, including leather faux or genuine and colors with natural tones or turquoise, green or brown shades.

The ones choosing this luxurious, modern interior design for their dream house can enjoy a beautiful afternoon in an open-space living room that is directly connected with the kitchen and the dining room. We observe that space is very smartly used, with large pieces of furniture but with lots of modern details that highlight elegance and luxury, and offers very practical access to every feature.  The predominant dark aspect of this open-space room is given by the grey walls along with the furniture and kitchen features but creates a beautiful picture by adding white elements, a light-brown sofa, and beautiful silver lightning objects. 

The bedrooms are generous in terms of space and create a very intimate atmosphere due to the usage of colors. The first bedroom comes in a lighter tone than the second one and impresses through the mint-colored walls, light-grey curtains and white mixed with light and dark brown pieces of furniture. The second bedroom offers a more intimate aspect given by the usage of dark colors for walls, but it keeps the light and friendly aspect by inserting white and light tones of brown in furniture, bed, and carpet.

Nobili team of capable, skilled and proficient designers and architects has always been focused on the customer's needs and demands. We managed to offer high-quality services, no matter what challenges we faced along with the development of the projects. We pride ourselves with successful projects all over Europe including big cities like Rome, Berlin, Paris, London but also Dubai or Sao Paolo. If you want your dream house to become your home, get in touch with us and let's do magic!

Modern Interior Design for London Home

A modern home concept in London

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