The interior design has a major importance when it comes to having the house of your dreams. Nobili team of designers and architects meet their clients with a great portfolio of projects and make the best out of it. For this classic London house, we put our talent on the table and succeeded in creating a wonderful, elegant and luxurious project.

The classic design is always well-seen in the world of interior design because it has quite fabulous characteristics given by the palette of colors, lines, shades, furniture, and details. For this particular project of a very fancy classic house in London, our team of designers and architects have come up with some brilliant ideas and combined a very modern aspect with the rigid lines of the classic one.

Using neutral colors, fancy and elegant furniture, golden details and very opulent lightning objects, this project can satisfy even the customers with higher demands and requirements. The living room is very spacious and it formes an open-space room along with the dining room and the kitchen. All over this luxurious room, we can notice colors such as beige, cream, white and drops of contrasts found in the curtains, sofa, and armchairs.

Here the design, luxury, and functionality synchronize in smooth unity, and the classic interior design for this London house doesn’t make any omission. For the bedrooms, our talented designers used blended textures, materials, and colors so as the picture created by them, conscientiously reproduces the idea of comfort, elegance, and luxury. Decorative elements have been carefully chosen and brought up the rich aspect of this stylish classic project.

The bathrooms are quite spacious, the kind ones who can make your morning more than enjoyable and relaxing. They inspire luxury, elegance but they are also pretty practical and well-organized. Nobili Team of architects and designers have always concentrated on what is the most important aspect of their business: the full satisfaction of the customer.

Nobili team greets its clients with the highest quality products and work-art and doesn't hesitate to face up any challenges the projects may bring. We are proud of our complex portfolio that has impressive projects all over Europe, including big cities such as Milan, Rome, London, Bucharest, and many others. If you want to make your dreams come true in terms of having the luxurious interior design for your home, give us a call and we'll make it happen.

Classic London House Interior Design

Classic interior design home in London

December 14th, 2022