Nobili Team is a great family of talented designers and architects that will make your dream home come true in no time. For this classic design concept for a London house, our family put all the efforts to create an elegant and opulent space, in which our clients will feel like home. The ambiance created in this luxurious classic house from London is warmly and welcoming emphasized by the light that immerses the space through the large windows.

Nobility and grace predominate in every corner of the house, accentuated by the golden accents and baroque ornaments. The colors used are pretty classic and we can mention three or four colors that make the whole picture to be a cozy and attractive one: beige, cream, white, gold in perfect harmony with red, blue or burgundy details and pieces of furniture. Colors used in this London house project can be bright but also muted.

The classic style in interior design is distinguished by a variety of luxurious patterns and unique prints with lots of elegant details. The predominant material used by our designers in this classic project is wood in a lighter or darker tone. It offers the whole unite an incredibly elegant, exquisite look and satisfy the most rigorous demands in terms of interior design. It is difficult to picture a truly classic home without a lovely and charming burning fireplace.

It would be ideal to have a real fireplace, but for comfort, nowadays, we can use an electric, modern one. The living room area is overwhelmed by neutral predominant colors, but the accents of burgundy in the curtains and blue in the pieces of furniture create a very personalized picture in which elegance, luxury, and extravagance are prevailing. In every inch and corner of the living room, dining room and kitchen we discover elements that make a description of luxury and are off the beaten path of the ordinary.

A big dimensions hallway offers the throughway to the classic style stairs and leads us to the intimate part of the house. The bedrooms are quite spacious with classic furniture, neutral colors and a sense of harmony and unanimity. The golden lightning objects and details observed all around the house are offering this project a very dainty appearance and meet the luxurious conditions of the classic style.

The bathrooms are very spacious and come to serve any customer desire in terms of elegance and allure. Nobili team of designers and architects have come to meet their client's wishes with a complex and well-thought portfolio of interior design projects and concepts for houses, apartments, hotels, shops, and salons. Either you are a classic style, modern or contemporary lover, we can make all your dreams come true and create the house you always wanted.

Classic design concept London House

Classic luxurious London home concept

November 25th, 2022