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For this classic, stylish house in London regardless of the space, we are working with, our talented designers have demonstrated the fact that the classic style is able to adapt to any type of environment, satisfying even the most rigorous requests. 

Classic Stylish London House

Classic Stylish London House Classic Stylish London House Classic Stylish London House Classic Stylish London House Classic Stylish London House Classic Stylish London House Classic Stylish London House Classic Stylish London House Classic Stylish London House Classic Stylish London House Classic Stylish London House

 Our designers and sketch artists are fully aware of the precious aspects specific to the classic style and were able to personalize and animate the projects each time. For this particular project in London, our designers have managed to harmoniously combine the rigid details of the classic style with the modern equipment, creating the perfect space for relaxation. The entrance of this beautiful, classic and stylish house in London is pretty spacious and drives us directly to the living room area and the classic staircase that leads to the upper floor. In this project, the space utilized is quite generous, an aspect which gave us the opportunity to develop ideas of furnishing the furniture along with combinations of warm and neutral shades, so that we can create the ideal home for our client.

Despite the fact that the classic style can be considered most of the time rigid, modern details in furniture are used to sweeten the original style and are creating an innovative, elegant and luxurious space. The living room is restraint space, but with a direct connection to the staircase, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. For the kitchen, a space designed to satisfy every woman's dream, our architects have closely respected the requirements of the classic style but along with modern elements found in furniture and details, they have created a fresh aspect of the interior design. The dining space is situated separated from the kitchen, this leading to a better performance of activities specific to these rooms and a more intimate aspect.  

The access toward the upstairs bedrooms is made using the staircase with brown colored steps that fit perfectly to the classic decor of this house in London. The bedroom keeps the note of intimacy offered by the use of one dark-colored wall in contrast with the light-colored general aspect  Here we notice the maintenance of the white-cream color combination, highlighted by accents of beige, blue and pink, which can be found in decorative elements and in the curtains.

 Our team of talented and professional designers and architects shared their successful projects all over Europe including big cities such as Rome, Berlin, Paris, London but also Dubai or Sao Paolo. If you feel ready to unleash your big dreams about how your perfect home would look like, check our complex portfolio and give us a chance to make it real!

Classic Stylish London House

Classic vogueish interior design in London

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