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Ever wanted to live in the house of your dreams? Nobili Team of designers offers you a modern house interior design concept in London that will blow every expectation in terms of elegance, luxury, and comfort. 

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Along with our many design projects for houses, apartments, offices, and hotels, all around Europe, this particular house in London offers a glace to our complex portfolio of projects and meets lots of modern requirements with a set of minimalistic details. Each corner of this beautiful modern house in London inspires elegance, luxury, and comfort, transforming this from a project into a place we can call home. The pieces of furniture are very carefully chosen and positioned in order to create an extensive and spacious picture, starting with the open-space living room and ending with large, elegant and airy bedrooms. 

The spacious living-room is subtly separated from the kitchen and dining room just by a change in the predominant colors. We notice a splash of vivid colors in the living room highlighted by the copper-ish colored "L" form sofa and the coffee table in the same tone, while in the kitchen and dining room, the predominant colors are darker with tones of light and dark gray, green outlined by a drop of white here and there. In this project in London, our designers also offered the possibility to choose between having the kitchen separated covered and dominated by white shades and having a very spacious, open-space ground floor. 

Heading to the intimate part of this modern house in London, we notice the same color lines and shades as in the rest of the house, but a more homelike spirit given by the comfort of the bedrooms. The golden lightning elements are offering the bedrooms a very luxurious aspect and the royal blue color we find on one of the beds is highlighting the rich aspect of the whole picture. The other bedroom illustrates a more classic way of the modern style without any golden and pompous elements. Here we find a more dainty picture, with light colors such as cream and beige, powerfully underlined by the white-spotted royal blue carpet. 

Nobili team of talented designers and architects are ready to come up with brilliant ideas in terms of interior design and architecture, no matter if you want your dream house, apartment, office, store or salon. We are always at duty to take care of projects all over Europe, including, big cities like Milan, Rome, London and so on and so forth. Do not hesitate to dream big with us, because anything you have in mind we can transform it into something real! 

Modern house interior design concept in London

Modern Luxurious House in London

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