The interior design for this luxurious, modern house in London brought into the light the best of our talented Nobili designer who managed to demonstrate that the modern style in terms of interior design is able to adapt any kind of environment, satisfying even the most rigorous demands. Our modern projects for luxury houses all over Europe have brought our clients only satisfaction in terms of having the house of their dreams. For this particular project, the talented Nobili team of designers used a touch of elegance and modernism in order to come up with a luxurious interior design that created a very welcoming and attractive ambiance for our clients.

In this modern project, designers and designers, using minimalist arrangements, have created an extremely elegant and attractive atmosphere. Fine lines and natural color palette they created an exclusive ambiance that fully satisfied the wishes of our client. The details are visible in a discrete way, the illuminated open-space surfaces and the specific asymmetry modern style served to create a welcoming, simple, airy and with a personalized look. Most of the time, the walls have natural colors and do not show details on large surfaces, and the furniture is the best reflection of the style, due to the simple but elegant lines.

In this modern luxurious project, we do encounter pieces of furniture extravagance and we certainly obtained a good taste and a careful choice of materials and furniture that can transform any monotonous and inaccessible atmosphere into an elegant and attractive one. For the furniture, our designers used very friendly colors that match easily one with another and create a perfect image for a relaxing afternoon. The sleek shapes, the beautiful lines that mark out the modern interior design aspects, have been chosen with much care in order to obtain a comfortable and functional space for our demanding customers.

The living room is open-space and is connected with the dining area and the kitchen, a fact that offers the house a very practical usage of the space. The white color dominates most of the living room and kitchen, contrasting with dark grey elements and color blocks, creating a modern aspect with futuristic characteristics. The bedrooms are the perfect picture of modern design, luxury, and comfort. Nobili Design team highlights the best interior design projects no matter if we are in London, Milan, Rome and all over Europe. We create the best modern concept for your home, apartment, office and more, fulfilling all of our customer's desires in terms of design and architecture.

Interior design luxury modern house in London

Luxurious Modern Design for House in London

August 6th, 2019