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Interior design project for the luxury modern home in London is another project of Nobili Design team, which highlights the attention to details we pay when it comes to satisfying every special requirement our customers have. 

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When it comes to bringing upfront the best qualities of our team, we love to highlight the best interior design projects created with an incredible sense of responsibility. Nobili Design team comes out to greet the most exigent and rigorous demands of its customers and does not fail in making the best out of them. 

For this specific interior design project in London, we succeded in obtaining an incredible, luxurious aspect, which will satisfy the ones looking for a modern home that has a great personality. The refined and elegant aspect that predominates over the entire house perfectly combines the luxurious shapes and lines with the modern ones.

The most central point of this modern house is the open-space living room area, characterized by the natural light given by the large floor-to-ceiling windows, and perfectly defined by vivid colors such as green, gray, and cream-colored walls and floors. Being an open-space area, the kitchen perfectly fits in the decor along with a huge, spacious hallway that separates the two compartments of the house. We can obviously observe the upper floor by simply standing in the living room, due to the open-space ceiling view, which offers the entire project a very commanding and towering aspect. Our team is not afraid of challenges, a fact that allows us to use our imagination in creating the most grandiose interior design for people who wish to have a different type of home. 

Another important aspect of this luxurious, modern interior design is the fact that having the most important three parts of a house in one ( living room, kitchen and dining room), allows the members to spend a lot of time together daily. The intimacy of the bedrooms is kept at the upper floor, which is a well-thought aspect when it comes to creat your perfect, dream home. The furniture pieces are not so many and are mostly simple in appearance, but surely they give this project the perfect touch of modernism and elegance, being attentively selected according to our customer's demands. Overall, this house combines the perfect natural light, very commanding and luxurious lighting objects such as chandeliers, with vivid colored pieces of furniture, cream-colored shades on the walls and floors, and creates a fabulous overall aspect in a unity of the whole space. 

Nobili Design provides quality services, products, and concepts all over Europe and is famous for paying attention to specific details that always make the difference between a low and high standard interior design project. Nobili team will always put its customer above all and will answer every demand no matter how challenging it will be. 

Interior design project for the luxury modern home in London

Modern design concept for houses apartments in London

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