Luxurious Hotel In London - Boutique hotel room interior design

Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design services provider and during the time we have built a good reputation based on trust.Our approach is based on customer collaboration, innovation, and environmental awareness. We worked on projects in the major cities of Spain, France, Italy, Germany, but also Croatia and Albany. Any job is taken into consideration and solved with the same enthusiastic attitude.

We work for residential customers but also commercial customers such as restaurants, shops, beauty salons, and hotels. Look at this large, upholstered sofa in white precious fabric and the two matching armchairs, they look great. You can also see a coffee table, a chest and another table smaller in length but a little bit taller, good and practical for quick storage.

All furniture is made of white massive wood and has floral details or golden patterns on them, which make them look so luxurious. Between the two upholstered armchairs, there is another round coffee table good for some flowers. The drapes in deep red are giving the room a very well matching color, making it seem more vivid. The chandelier looks wonderful with the several teardrop-shaped crystals hanging on it. In the images, you can also see a few bedrooms which look so opulent and rich, with plenty of colors and fine fabrics.

The upholstered beds with a generous headboard which gives character to the room. The large clothes wardrobe with plenty of space, all made of massive wood painted in white and hand-carved with beautiful details. The combination between the drape intense red color and the crème color on the walls and the dominant white, all are looking just very good.

Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design services provider which has experience in creating unique concepts for residential and commercial customers, either classical, either modern, contemporary. We can also advise you with the full concept and also with the full choice of furniture, finishes and all that is needed in a house. No project is too little for us and we are always ready for a new challenge.

Luxurious Hotel In London

Hotel interior design project

October 1st, 2021