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Nobili Design team of architects and interior designers is eager to deliver the best projects for our customers. Projects that answer to the customer needs and likes, that surprise every day through careful details. Nice fabrics, textures and shapes that are pleasant to see and to feel. When seeing the spectacular photos you just wish you could be there.

Don’t worry. Our team is ready to be there to take on a new challenge, no matter how difficult can be. This home is so charming right from the entrance, once you pass the double doors made of massive wood with glass frames. There are so many items that capture the eyes and you don’t know where to look first. You are simply staring at that fabulous chandelier with many crystals in taer drop shape that are hanging on the ceiling.

In the day area there is a 3 seats sofa in a beautiful crème colour, the fabric looks so fine as well as the pillows covered in satin. Here and there, in the right spot, you can see upholstered armchairs with massive wood structure. The fabric is a hue between dark red and brown, must be very cozy. There is also a chest made of white wood, and a coffee table in a modern stylce classic design.

In a corner there is another chest with a table lamp upon, such nice arrangement. The pattern on the wall makes the home seem very luxurious. The curtains and drapes are flattering the house. The bedroom is hyper luxurious with the finest furniture and materials, fabrics and details. A massive wooden bed, a nightstand made of white wood on each side of the bed and a table lamp so handy when reading a good book at night.

If you like what you see, get in touch with our experts in interior design. We have a solid experience gathered in more than 10 years, doing classic and modern style interior design projects for commercial and residential customers. We can provide the full concept together with the right furniture and finishes needed.

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October 27th, 2022