The most capricious tastes are spoiled by this opulent interior design project which has been made by Nobili Design for a modern house. Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design services provider that has been expanding more and more. With awesome projects all across Europe, we have developed concepts in main cities such as Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, Florence, Dubai, Sao Paolo. You can see that the locations of our projects are diverse as the projects are as well.

The entrance allows the sight to flow through the day area, which is open style. Every corner and every shape is very well thought. There is a large coffee table with interesting structure surrounded by sofas and armchairs, all of a very good quality. A little bit further there is the dining area with a table that can host 6 people, a table and respective chairs which are in neutral matching colors.

Above the coffee table and the dining room table there are two chandeliers, which even though are different in shape, the pattern is matching as well. The shape of the chairs is very futurist as well as the cupboard. There is also a bar area very nicely done.

I can’t go on without mentioning some beautifully carved panels in gold effect that are visually dividing the bar area from the dining and living room area. If you like what you see and are curious how futurist your home or office might be, or maybe you prefer the classic interior design style with contemporary solutions, give us a call. We are there for you with the right concept and the right choice in terms of furniture, finishes, fixtures and all that is required in a home.

We have an approach based on customer collaboration so you will be talking to us telling what are your needs, your likes and your dislikes. Together we will find the best solution for your home or office.

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Interior design project for a modern house in Liverpool | Interior design Liverpool

Luxury interior design Liverpool

November 25th, 2022