You must see this awesome classic style interior design concept developed by Nobili Design for a house on two floors.All rooms of the house are having a rich amount of light and the pale colors and patterns on the walls are making it seeming even more light.The living room is marked by the upholstered sofa and armchairs in good quality fabrics. There is a white painted coffee table made of massive wood matching with the chest on which the flat screen TV is seated. A beautiful array of framed pictures is giving the living room personality.

The beautiful green emerald color on the drapes can be found on the pillows as well. There are also some opulent chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. There is a large kitchen which can be used also as dining room, which is very practical if you think. There is a massive wood table in a nice design remembering the Victorian style with matching upholstered chairs.

Although the concept is willing to follow the classic style, all is done in a contemporary way so it doesn’t become sturdy but rather more updated to the current needs. It is clearly not old fashioned but an updated classic style which goes hand in hand with luxury finish.

The bedroom is quite opulent. With the upholstered wide bed which has a very impressive headboard, you can never get bored looking at it, until you fall asleep. There is also an upholstered armchair with a very classy style and some nightstands here and there which are very practical when needed.

The house contains two secondary bedrooms which look as opulent as the first one. The beautiful house couldn’t miss a luxury feel bathroom with beautiful ceramic pieces and tiles. Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design services provider all across Europe and beyond.

With significant experience from more than a decade, we have built a strong portfolio of classic and modern projects, either for residential and commercial customers. We can provide the concept of the house as well as the right choice of furniture, finishes and accessories.

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December 25th, 2022