One of our latest, challenging but immensely rewarding project is a beautiful house in the wonderful views of Nantes, in France. Nobili Design offers across Europe architecture and interior design services. We can also provide you with the right finishes, furniture and much more.Once you enter this lovely house you are mesmerized by the large windows that let in much natural light.

You already get cozy when you see the light warm colors around. The walls and ceilings are white and sand color making a nice background. The wide open space living room welcomes the lucky guests with a nice beige sofa and a white wooden table. A fireplace is pleasantly pointed by a white framing. Above the fireplace and the sofa there are some decorative paintings in black and white that make a good contrast with the larger picture. The wood effect floor is perfectly matched with two sand color carpets.

The hallway brings to the kitchen while dining area is connected with the living room. In the dining area you will notice the same type of carpet, detail which creates a homogenous design in the house. There is a wooden white generous table which can host up to six guests. There is also an armchair next to a round white table for a coffee break. The dark red drapes bring a much needed color hint, just in the right spot. The dining area and the living room are extended with a place where the favorite movies can be watched on TV. The piece of furniture on which the TV stands has an elegant classic design. An amazing chandelier brings an unique effect.

The kitchen is quite impressive. With tops and drawers of a white color matched with a sand color background, it keeps the tone with the other areas of the house. All that one can need in a kitchen is right there and the visual effect just stands out. The house also hosts some nice bedrooms with shower over bath bathrooms with nice colors, ceramic tiles and fixtures. Cozy mattresses, fine covers, every detail is perfectly cared for. If you like what you see and desire a similar view in your home or maybe have some other ideas, just get in contact with us. We are ready for any challenge.

Our portfolio of houses across Europe shows the experience that Nobili Design, architecture and interior design services provider, gathered over the time.

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Interior design house in Nantes France | Interior projects

December 10th, 2022