Nobili Design offers architecture and interior design services and can provide you with the finishes you wish. Be it furniture, ceramic tiles or curtains, you just say it and we make it for you. With a rich portfolio of architecture and interior design projects across most countries across Europe, we are there where you need us.interior design for classic home in madrid 3

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One of the latest classic projects we did recently will surely impress you. It is one classic house over two floors in Madrid, the beautiful capital of Spain. Why is it so special? Just take a look at these pictures and you will discover yourself.

In the hallway of this classic house you can see a big, wide open space with an awesome interior staircase, solved in au unique stylish way. The railing of cast iron has such beautiful motifs that catch the eyes.

On the ground level there is the living room with a large comfortable sofa and two matching armchairs, with some red covers on them. There is also a practical coffee table and a flat screen TV standing on a white piece of furniture, of a classic design. The traditional sofa is making a visual contrast with the armchairs which are covered in a light beige hue. The windows are large, allowing much natural light to flow in the classic house in Madrid. There are nice surroundings to admire from the window and the drapes give a spectacular look in intense red matching the covers.

There are also some awesome bedrooms in the house. One is mostly in ochre colors, light yellow drapes and cover on the white bed which has some large bedding with a leather finish. On each side of the bed there is a night stand and lamp in warm white. There is also one vanity table for the lucky lady in this classic house from Madrid. All furniture is white and is looking so good.

There is one double bedroom as well with two similar style beds, but of contrasting colors. One is intense purple and the other emerald green. Between the beds there is a night stand and also a window with beige drapes while the walls are covered in some nice pattern wallpaper.

The kitchen is generous, a wide space meant to allow the best recipes to be prepared for the guests. Much space for storage in the drawers and a cute pattern on the wall makes a quite spectacular background for a kitchen.

Nobili Design, architecture and interior design services provider, is there where needed. Get in touch with us for any project, either classic or contemporary design.

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