A wonderful classic style interior design concept was recently created for a house in Athens, Greece. Nobili Design provides unique architecture and interior design services. Each concept is rich of creativity and originality as the approach is based on innovation and customer collaboration.

We are proud of Nobili Design good reputation built in time with trust. We merge light and tender colors, high style furniture and impressive graphic backgrounds over the walls. We have a wide portfolio of residential and commercial projects across the main cities of Europe and not only. This project in Athens, Greece is particular due to the special destination. A country rich of culture and style determined us to deliver a concept that exceeds the ordinary. And our team just did so. When entering this beautiful house in Athens one feels difficult to leave. The entrance and living are creating a good flow throughout the house. There is a nice background made of green and beige motifs, some beige sofa and armchairs.

Next to the opposite wall, a white carved panel with beautiful details. The white carved panel is so beautiful that you can forget the show on the flat screen TV. Some wide windows are dressed in nice curtains and drapes. There is a wide mirror right before the interior stairs which bring to the next floor. Then is a hallway which brings to a large bedroom, connecting with a secondary one through another smaller hallway. The secondary bedroom has an interior white panel with the same details as the panel in the living room, which brings unity to the classic house interior design. The large bed is in a light tone of rose, with a beige cover. The walls wear a comfortable hue of sand yellow color. There is an extension of the bedroom where there is a desk and some drawers.

As always, Nobili Design team goes the extra mile to exceed customer expectations. No two houses are the same, even when similar finishes and furniture are used. We put our talent and creativity in the work that we do with passion and enthusiasm.

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Interior design house in Athens Greece | Interior projects

May 11th, 2019