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Interior design for classic apartment made by Nobili Design designers in Dubai. Interior design portfolio for luxury apartment made by our company in Dubai, United Arab classic apartment interior design dubai 1luxury classic apartment interior design dubai 9luxury classic apartment interior design dubai 7luxury classic apartment interior design dubai 8luxury classic apartment interior design dubai 6luxury classic apartment interior design dubai 10luxury classic apartment interior design dubai 13luxury classic apartment interior design dubai 14luxury classic apartment interior design dubai 12We deliver high level concepts in various styles, classic or contemporary. One of the latest concepts we delivered is for a customer in Dubai, for an apartment. We analyzed every room and put together the solid knowledge from more than 10 years of delivering high level projects of interior design and architecture. We listen to our customers’ needs to answer to every one of them but we always strive to exceed their expectations.

Nobili Design is an architecture and interior design services provider for commercial and residential customers with a wide portfolio of beautiful concepts throughout Europe and also over the oceans. We have selected the finest colors and materials, textures, fabrics to create in every room, a space that answers to functionality but is also comfortable and very good looking. The classic materials matched with the latest appliances create a wonderful atmosphere of luxury and refinement.

The large spaces with rich natural light are nicely arranged with matching colors furniture and curtains. The details and textures of the fabrics and on the walls are exquisite to see. The floor lamps are so lovely and placed in the living room next to the armchairs are giving a warm light, in the right place, without being disturbing. The hand carved panels are adding refinement and create a visual borderline and also a statement of art.

For us at Nobili Design, no job is to little and no two projects are the same. We put passion into our work to see our customers satisfied in their new redecorated home or office. With the same approach based on collaboration with the customer, innovation and creativity we create unique concepts even when we use similar items.

We love to go that extra mile and put a smile on your face. If you think at refreshing your apartment or office, just reach out for us.

Interior design apartment Dubai

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We attach great importance to each interior design project, so to arrange a meeting with our team of specialists you can contact us by phone or via the contact form. To meet and discuss your project, email the building's sketches, some details about the design style you want, and we will answer you with the customized price offer by going to the location for detailed discussions on the project interior design.

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