Interior designer in Bucharest - Commercial and residential projects

Nobili Design is more than a simple team. We are a quite talented family of Bucharest architects and interior designers who are willing to be at your service anytime. We provide a complex portfolio of residential and commercial interior design projects and we pride ourselves with a glorious success for more than 10 years now.

Our commercial portfolio in Bucharest includes successful interior design for hotels, hotel rooms, beauty salon, villas, salons, wedding salon, hall event, restaurants, and clothes shops. We spread luxury and opulence in every corner of our projects in Bucharest and we won’t hesitate to add more. Our customers from Bucharest are more than just excited to shuffle our residential and commercial portfolio; they are excited to see all the 3D interior design projects becoming real.

Residential interior design Bucharest

Our team of talented designers and architects have the mission of fulfilling dreams and desires by making successful interior designs. Our residential portfolio for Bucharest is more then one can ever wish for, and if he did wish for it, we made it real. Our customers can take a look at our in Bucharest successful and glamorous interior design projects for modern houses with two or three floors, that can only amaze throughout elegant pieces of furniture, chic decoration objects and impressive features, materials, colors, lines, and shades. We love to go big when it comes to projects and we are not afraid to apply it in real.

Interior design restaurants Bucharest

Our designers created interior designs for apartments with two or three bedrooms, large, open space living rooms and dining rooms, equipped kitchens with the latest features and luxurious bathrooms. Our designers will help our customers in Bucharest to choose the right furniture, materials, and appliances for their most-dreamed project.

Interior design beauty salon Bucharest

To provide and ensure a technical and functional interior design project, our team of designers collaborates with the dedication satisfying the customer’s desires to the smallest detail. We can offer all the details needed to start working together at the e-mail address: office.nobilidesign[@] Here our designers will offer you all the information needed after sending you a set of questions, also they will provide you the prices according to your personalized projects and of course, advise you on choosing the right furniture, materials, and appliances before delivering it to you.

Nobili Design is an interior design services provider and for more than 10 years managed to share its successful projects all over Europe and across oceans. Nobili team is a big family of talented and professional architects and interior designers who are ready to face up any challenge might appear during the process of creation.

Commercial interior design Bucharest

During creating these wonderful and unique interior design projects for our clients in Bucharest, our designers and architects have had the opportunity to highlight all of the aspects belonging to the classic, contemporary, eclectic, modern, and Mediterranean styles, owing to the fact that the arrangement offers large spaces with great illumination which never cease to amaze when it comes to luxury and elegance.

This particular category of our residential and commercial portfolio offers a diversified and unique range of interior design projects in Bucharest, in various design styles such as classic, modern, traditional, rustic, contemporary, eclectic, or the Mediterranean. These Bucharest interior design concepts are both created for residential and commercial customers.

The residential category greets our customers with luxurious two, three-floored houses, with large and airy rooms that exceed opulence throughout the carefully chosen furniture, colors, decorative objects, and appliances. We love to think BIG when it comes to interior design projects so we work regarding our client’s demands and requirements, but we always have our fingerprint on.

The commercial portfolio with in Bucharest projects is as spectacular as the residential one, exceeding luxury, opulence, and elegance. We greet our Bucharest clients with successful interior design projects for beauty salons, hotels, and restaurants. We are proud of our work and so are our rigorous clients from Bucharest due to all our successful residential projects. Either our clients prefer the classic, modern, contemporary, traditional, or Mediterranean style, our best designers make the magic happen in no time.

We work in this field for more than 10 years now, and we earned everything based on trust, innovation, and professionalism. Our customers in Bucharest have always been impressed by the way we do our magic and moreover, we exceed their expectations with every residential or commercial interior design project created.

June 24th, 2021