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Nobili Design is always your at your service no matter how challenging the interior design project might be. For amazing interior designs for restaurants in Bucharest, our team of talented designers and architects put all the effort needed to create perfect projects for our commercial clients. Relax and let Nobili Design do their magic.

Interior Design Restaurants Bucharest

The restaurant is a small culinary industry, the operation of which is subject to certain conditions. To open it requires a long and even expensive preparation, which involves many aspects and details which are carefully being taken care of by Nobili’s team of talented interior designers and architects: from choosing the washable to the ergonomic planning of the kitchen. When opening the restaurant, the owner asks the question: What will be the style of the arrangement for your gorgeous restaurant in Bucharest?

There are wide varieties of styles that Nobili Design would recommend you, but you must take into account the specifics of the kitchen, the target of your future customers and even its location. If one style limits you too much, then our interior designers from Bucharest can use a mix of tasteful styles (eclectic style). If space includes more rooms, Nobili Design can arrange each room separately in different styles. In order to understand the capacity of each style, the Nobili Design team meets certain requirements. For example, if you have a restaurant dedicated to large events, the space chosen should be large and airy, compared to a rustic-style pizzeria where space can be more limited.

The materials our interior designers in Bucharest use in the design, also determine the style of the restaurant: if you choose to open a stylish restaurant then it is important to opt for luxury and quality finishes so the customer will notice the difference. Once the style has been chosen, with the help of our professional team of designers in Bucharest, another important aspect to consider is the layout. If the space size allows our team to compartmentalize the space into areas, then Nobili designers will take care of each room and create individualized layouts for the entrance area, bar, lounge, etc. However, if the space is quite limited then the zoning should be much more compact.

Nevertheless, despite all obligatory steps that need to be taken into consideration, Nobili Design will assure you a perfect final interior design project. Undoubtedly, our professional designers in Bucharest experience includes many tricks and solutions that help transform the space from a simple and banal one to an attractive and comfortable one. It is important to apply these ideas to achieve the desired effect without exaggerating.

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