Interior Design Hotel Rooms Bucharest - Design Hotel Rooms Bucharest

Nobili Design is focused on creating unique interior design projects for its clients in Bucharest, especially when it comes to big projects like decorating hotel rooms interior. Modern hotel rooms in Bucharest require ideas and creativity so as to arouse the interest of our customers, who will always be attracted by quality, functionality and well thought out aesthetic decor created by our team of designers and architects.

Interior Design Hotel Rooms Bucharest

Today, when everything is all about fashion and style, a special role in creating the personalized image for a hotel room, is a well thought out interior concept by a team of professionals. Also, the key factor in choosing a particular hotel is, in addition to the quality services, the comfort throughout the stay. Therefore, a proper interior design must be adapted according to the type of accommodation unit, number of stars, but also functionality.

We cannot neglect the general image, the aesthetic and ethical components, which are usually made with the help of Nobili’s professional architects and designers from Bucharest. Our designers think of, the interior space of a hotel room in Bucharest as a whole - from style to choice of accessories and decorative details, all away to colors, lights, shades, and materials. The success is based on carefully selected interior elements, but also on the general atmosphere, which must be comfortable, to make the customers come back.

The style of the interior, of course, depends on its location in Bucharest, on the number of rooms, on the history of the place and Nobili interior architects are taking into account all these details to hit the target audience of the hotel. All factors that make up the general concept of the are truly important for obtaining a successful hotel room design project. Regarding the style we choose, Nobili Design knows that clients prefer many styles of landscaping, but, according to the latest trends, we find more and more hotels with minimalist design, loft, classic styles (from the Renaissance style to something more recent: the retro style of the years ` 60), but also Provence. Moreover, the eclectic is the winning solution in most of the last years in the hotel rooms in Bucharest.

Another key element of the successful hotel room interior is the right furniture. What is the purpose of an original painting (painted by a renowned artist) above the bed, if the bed itself is uncomfortable? The furniture has both the ability to complete an interior aesthetically and functionally and the Nobili team focuses on choosing only high-quality Italian furniture. When choosing hotel furniture, Nobili specialists recommend using highly qualitative materials for longer durability.