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The specialists at Nobili Design have made a special ambitious project, consisting of modern hotel interior design in interior hotel modern Munich | Interior design firm in interior hotel modern | Interior design firm hotel in interior hotel | Interior design firm price in interior receptie | Interior design hotels firm in interior living hotel | Architect projects in interior living | Architect projects hotel in interior dormitor modern |Firm Architect projects in interior dormitor | Architect interior projects in interior baie moderna | Architect projects hotel price in interior baie hotel | Architect interior projects in interior baie | Architect firm projects in Munich.

The style chosen for the interior design of the hotel was represented by the modern one, with its essential features, such as the presence of wood, glass, strong colors and contrast, as well as the unique modern details. As far as reception and entry to the hotel are concerned, architects have opted for a marble-looking porcelain tile, light color and fine details that are visually appealing.

The built-in ceiling lighting system is mirrored in glittering sandstone and outlines a stylish ambience. This is complemented by the insertion of modern Italian furniture, consisting of modern sofas, table, armchairs, but also the receptive desk, and the chosen color is composed of dark colors such as black, dark brown, but also of light colors such as cream and white. The details are present, but in an elegant and fine way, designers opting for paintings, large mirrors, vertical iron patterns, but also plants or decoration elements. The lobby that connects the reception and the waiting area with the rooms on the ground floor and the floor reveals a stylish and luxurious ambience, given mainly by the glittering sandstone, the light-colored walls with decorative brick wall decoration, the stairs in the glass, but also by the small space of nature, refined. In terms of room layout, they were designed with a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom. As far as the bedroom is concerned, it has been designed in a modern, elegant but warm and comfortable at the same time.

The chrome is an open one, given by the white chosen for modern furniture, including the modern upholstered bed, the Italian brand, but also the modern bedside tables or table for arranging. We have opted for a gray-colored gray beech parquet in accordance with the color chosen for the decorative paint chosen for the walls. Specialists also preferred to the main wall a decorative wallpaper with vertical geometric shapes that reveal the color of the bedroom. In order to shape the elegant environment, architects have inserted a chandelier with suspended crystals, the Ideal Lux Italia brand, as well as elements specific to modernism, such as a large rectangular mirror, or a large-sized painting with specific themes.

Adjacent to this room is the living area, lounge and relaxation area. The furniture is also modern Italian, consisting of a sofa and dark armchair, in contrast to the rest of the white furniture. Gazzotti Italy layered parquet is light, thus creating a relaxing environment. The main wall retains the same decorative wallpaper that is mirrored with the pattern and the chrome chosen for curtains. Bathroom design was made taking into account the essential features of modernism, so instead of a bathtub, it was preferable to insert a glass shower cabinet, the furniture being a simplistic, dark color, including a built-in sink. With regard to ceramic tiles, specialists have opted for a simple, light-colored pattern, the main wall revealing an embossed decorative tile for added modernity. The interior design project consisting of a modern hotel in Barcelona is an ample project, made by the architects from the Nobili Design interior design studio in a special way, resulting in an extraordinary and unique design.

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