Interior design Barcelona Interior design mediterranean restaurant in Barcelona

Interior design mediterranean restaurant in Barcelona

Nobili Design specialists have realised the Mediterranean restaurant interior design project in Barcelona.

The style chosen by the designers combines both the features of the Mediterranean architectural style and the modern style. The influence of the Mediterranean style in architecture originates, as the name suggests, from the Mediterranean Sea.

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It is characterized by the presence of materials such as wood, iron, and chromaticity characterizes the colors of the earth, namely brick, black, dark yellow or brown or even burgundy. The design of the Mediterranean interior design has combined a number of features of the Mediterranean style, but also of the modern style. Thus, architects from Nobili Design have provided a relaxing and warm space.

They opted to insert a dining area, including simple but elegant Italian furniture. Tables and upholstered seats reveal a specific Mediterranean color gamble, opting for the black, brown and burgundy colors. The bar area also features a dark-colored furniture, which is Italian, specially chosen for superior qualities. As far as the flooring is concerned, the specialists have opted for a floor-matched parquet that has the role of instilling space in the Mediterranean, but it also outlines a warm and comfortable space.

The illumination system is a complex one, including a suspended chandelier, Ideal Lux Italia brand, suspended lamps with a distinctive and chromatic design in the mirror with space for the bar area, as well as suspended ceilings on the walls and incorporated into the ceiling. Specialists took into consideration that both a natural lighting system, which is allowed through large windows, as well as the terraces and an artificial one, enhances the feeling of comfort and offers a special note of elegance. In terms of walls, designers have opted for white and cream-colored beads, embossed with decorative wallpaper with fine details.

The space was not particularly loaded, on the contrary an airy and relaxing space was preferred. In terms of decorative elements or decoration items, designers have inserted plants to instill space, as well as details such as decorative frames that also have the role of storage spaces for various decoration items. Apart from the inside of the restaurant, other rooms, such as the kitchen or the bathroom, can be found.

Adjoining the space inside the Mediterranean restaurant, there is also an outdoor terrace, which also includes Italian furniture in the same chromatic note as the one inside the room.

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Interior design mediterranean restaurant in Barcelona

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