This is one of our latest interior design projects for a Barcelona classic style home. The project is so wonderful and we want present it to you.

We are a team of experts in architecture and interior design of over 10 years. We put the customer on the first place in the center of our project. Our approach is based on customer collaboration, to hear their requirements and their likes. We deliver updated classic or contemporary style projects for residential customers as well as for commercial customers. At the entrance there is a piece of furniture where one can hang the coat and check the look in a mirror.

The dining room and living room are sharing the same larger area, without being divided by many walls. In the living room there is a large comfortable sofa with matching armchairs, made of good quality fabrics and materials, with exceptional textures. The red and yellow pillowson the sofa and on the armchairs are creating beautiful accents of color. There is alsoa chest with 3 doors above which is placed the latest design flat screen TV. A small white wooden coffee table is just in the right place, next to the sofa.

The fireplace in the day area creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere. On the fireplace wall the designers have created an array of many framed photos. In the dining area, there is a white massive wood table for 6 with a chandelier right above the table, hanging from the ceiling. The carpets on the floor are matching the nice color on the walls, alight crème color, that makes the home seem so bright. In the bedroom there is a large extendable sofa of a deep red-mauve color. The yelloe drapes are bringing a jolly tone in the room. There is a white wooden table and chest with storage space.

All the rooms of this project are so wonderful. If you like what you see get in touch with us. We can provide the full furniture collection and finishes for your home or office. No job is too little for us, we are ready to take on a new challenge.

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Interior design for classic style house in Barcelona | Interior design Barcelona

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January 29th, 2023