Let’s talk about the classic interior design which answers to contemporary needs as well. When creating the plan for a classic interior design for an apartment one must be aware that the right proportion is the key to get excellent results, while many times it is used without reason getting to disappointing results. The reason is because the classic style comes with rich furniture while the contemporary minimal needs are suggesting few items in a room, preferring almost an empty room.

But Nobili Design has the answer to the right amount of good quality furniture and finishes, that answers to both classic style and contemporary needs. You can see it from these spectacular images. The latest furniture, both comfortable and good looking of a high quality level at a good value for money rapport combined with nice finishes that tell a nice story together. The modern appliances are handy when needed Nobili Design experts team match with good talent the items in a room, giving nice lines to the interior design and a good flow from the entrance to the interior of the apartment.

Nobili Design architects and interior design are very careful at listening to the customer needs, requirements and preferences. After more than 10 years of hard and passionate work, we gathered a wide portfolio of projects across Europe and beyond. We provide the concept for the projects we receive, we can also provide furniture and finishes ideas. Every project is unique and our creative team knows how to create the best environment for your office or home, be it classical or modern, contemporary style. For Nobili Design no job is too little so if you have a project in mind, reach out for us.

We can provide architecture and interior design services everywhere, such as in big cities like Rome, Paris, London, Berlin but also Milan, Barcelona, Marseilles, Amsterdam, Dubai, Sao Paolo.

Interior design apartments in Barcelona

Interior design for apartment in Barcelona | Interior design Barcelona

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December 28th, 2022