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Nobili Design greets its clients from Rome, Italy with a diversified portfolio of interior design for houses. Our talented team of architects and designers are thrilled to be the main support for their Italian clients in choosing the best-suited style for their homes. We love our job and dedication, hard work, and common effort put us in the top choices of our clients from Rome and all over Italy.

Decorating the interior can be a daunting task, but not for the Nobili Design team who can face any kind of challenge and turn it into a success. It is said that your home always reflects your personality, and choosing a suitable design for you’re a house in Rome can depend on several factors, such as personal tastes, the budget you have and the way you want to use the rooms.

Interior design classic house in Rome

The great challenge presented by interior design is the choice of those elements that have the power to create a unitary whole. Nobili Design knows how important it is for the pieces of furniture and the decorations to be carefully chosen, to denote good taste, to suit the architectural style, to satisfy our Italian client’s preferences and, at the same time, to be as useful as possible. Over time, in Rome, our team of interior architects and designers observed that several interior design styles were influenced in particular by local and cultural Italian trends. Many of them are still used today in interior design, being very useful and adaptable to many modern architectural styles or types of houses.

Modern houses Rome interior design

Nobili talented designers say that one of the keys to a perfect house in Rome is the story it tells. Establishing a theme along with our professional designers might help you a lot because you will already know what materials we will use, what colors the furniture will have and which are the objects that would best fit in your space. Nobili Design goal is finding a story, a theme for your perfect house in Rome, that can result in a friendly and comfortable interior, perfect for you and your family. When you walk in the door of your most-dreamed house in Rome, it must express, at first sight, a warm feeling of welcoming.

Luxury houses Rome interior design

Nobili Design knows that any house needs to have a story behind it. We would like to create a beautiful, forever-lasting story for our clients from Rome, Italy, and why not, to add your dream Italian house in our successful portfolio of unique interior design projects. 

June 1st, 2021