Hotel Room Design in Rome - Interior design boutique hotel

The design of the hotel rooms in Rome created by Nobili offers a first impression of the entire hotel and of our Italian client’s brand and, to a certain extent, influences the quality of service and comfort for the tourists staying here. There are some general rules, but also strict rules for designing this type of public space and our team of professional interior designers and architects are always taking care of every aspect.

At Nobili Design, we try to satisfy each commercial customer's ideas about the hotel rooms in Rome interior design. For example, for the hotels in the central area of a large city like Rome, it is advisable to comply with the contemporary trends of the classic style, which our designers and architects love to use.

For the hotels in residential areas, Nobili designers often choose modern-minimalist styles, such as high-tech, minimalism, or eco-friendly style. An optimal choice for seaside hotels in Italy would be marine or even Mediterranean style, with a blue and white color scheme, plenty of light, airy spaces and spacious terraces.

There is a good reason why many hotel rooms in Rome are decorated with elements in close colors or tones. Nobili Design team always uses a similar color palette because it creates a calm atmosphere, appreciated by many guests in Italian hotels. The earthly tones - cream, mustard, brown, olive, sand - give birth to a comfortable environment that compels you to relax.

Our Italian clients are excited about all the successful projects we had all around Italy, and our experience and professionalism are what keeps us on the head-list of customers from Rome choices. Our commercial portfolio is complex and filled with dreams turned into reality. We believe that any of your hotel business ideas can become a "fact" in the crafty hands of our interior designers and architects. 

July 11th, 2021