Furniture Living room Modern Sofas Nuvola Sofa Collection for Modern Home

Nuvola Sofa Collection for Modern Home

The most of the outmost is the sofa, the centerpiece of a living room or any open room where we want to entertain, socialize and enjoy moments with beloved ones, moments of comfort and joy. The Italian Manufacturer brought to the light some modern and precious's items where tradition passed through generations in the most admirable way possible: superb pieces of furniture - modern sofas. Do consider production time and variations in price till firm order.

Adone Pouf
Adone Sofa
Aura Armchair
Auro Sofa
Amet Armchair
Avantgarde Sofa
Bergere Armchair
Granturismo Sofa detail
Diamante Armchair
Granturismo Sofa
Jazz Armchiar
Hug Armchair
Nuvola Lounge Sofa
Nuvola Armchair
Segno Armchair
Segno Chaise Longue
Nuvola Sofa
Segno Sofa Detail
Segno Sofa Chaise Longue
Segno Sofa Wood
Segno Sofa
Segno Soga Lounge
Stratum Sofa detail
Stratum Sofa
Swan Armchiar
Zenith Armchair
Swan Sofa

Italian Tradition Reflexangelo

Modern and clean Design Sofas

Price: 5.000 - 20.000 EURO