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Modern Sofa Italian Furniture Hanami

You cannot complete a house without giving it the centerpiece, the sofa. The modern Sofa Collection is one of the most complete offer that is displayed on our website for you to consider and choose. Do consider production time and variations in price till firm order.

Trilogy sofa detail
Hanami sofa fixed
Charme sofa
Montenapoleone sofa detail
Hanami sofa detail
Charme chaise longue
Hanami modular sofa
Hanami armchair
Unique sofa
Hanami sofa
Montenapoleone detailed sofa
Montenapoleone sofa
Trilogy sofa
Hanami modular sofas detail
Montenapoleone sofa upholstered

Redeco Italian Manufacturer 

Combined Style for a Living Sofa

Price: 5.000 - 15.000 EURO