Furniture Living room Modern Sofas Modern leather Italian sofas

Modern leather Italian sofas

The Collection we are presenting you here is formed from most modern Sofas in different compositions, colors, textures and materials. Let yourself inspired by these pieces to create the best shape of your house. Do consider that production and delivery time can reach 45 - 60 days. The prices for these models can vary between 5.000 and 15.000 euros, are informative and may have subsequent changes.

Sofa 2 living flick flack
Sofa fabric living sarders
Sofa leather living lennox
Sofa 2 living monolith
Sofa leather fabric living stgermain
Sofa leather living dalton
Sofa leather living eclectico
Sofa leather living stgermain
Sofa living artis
Sofa living buble blob
Sofa living flick flack
Sofa living kanaha
Sofa living leather jasper
Sofa urban
Sofa living sander
Sofa living sarders
Sofa living urban piele
Sofa plush living elliot
Sofa 2 canapea living kailua
Sofa 2 living kim
Sofa living elliot
Sofa living monolith
Sofa leathernevyll high angolo
Sofa loman composition 02
Sofa leather living loman
Sofa living fabric sarders
Sofa living kailua
Sofa living stofa jasper
Sofa living kim
Sofa living loman composition
Sofa living loman
Sofa living lennox

Leather Contemporary Sofas

Italian Sofas manufacturer Ditre

Price: 5.000 - 15.000 EURO
Model: Ditre
Material: Leather, Fabric
Color: BLUE, Cream, Brown
Width: 195 - 235 cm
Height: 80 - 120
Depth: 45 - 65 cm
Weight: 120 - 300 kg
Compozition: single, double, triple, composition seats