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Almond Sofa Collections Modern Furniture

The Italian Furniture Founder dresses up in lightness with a collection that brings home the Mediterranean dolce vita. Fresh and bright pieces of furniture talk about spontaneity, nature and matter. Do consider production time and variations in price till firm order.

ADELE daybed, FILIPPO small tables
ALEXANDER chaise longue detail
ALEXANDER Sofa FABRICE Gueridon Tables (Gloss black lacquered, bronzed tips)
ALEXANDER sofa and chaise longue, MIKY pouf and TANGUY cabinet
ALEXANDER sofa detailed
ALEXANDER sofa, CODY small tables and MIKY pouf
ALEXANDER chaise longue
COLETTE small sofa detail
ALEXANDER sofa, CODY small tables
BALI sofa detailed
BELMONT Dormeuse Deep Base
BALI sofa
BELMONT dormeuse, close view
BELMONT sofa e dormeuse
BELMONT sofa, SETH pouf
BERNADETTE small sofa and pouf detail
BERNADETTE small sofa and pouf, armchiar
BERNADETTE small sofa and pouf
COLETTE small sofa
DANIEL chaise longue
DANIEL chaise longue, DANIEL sofa

Modern Sofas in Contempon Fashion Industry

DOEM sofa, RODOLFO small tables
OGYGIA daybed
LUIS sofa, LUIGI small tables, ANTONELLA armchair
LUIS sofa, LUIGI small tables
JEROME small table, COLETTE small armchair and small sofa
PAULINE small sofa
ROMEO chaise longue
PAOLINO pouf and tray, FARAGLIONI sofa, FABRIZIO small tables
PHILIPPE chaise longue detail
MONTAUK sofa detail
PHILIPPE chaise longue
ROMEO chaise longue, ROCCO small table - DOM Edizioni (1)

Dom'Edizioni Manufacturer Italian Brand

Price: 4.800 - 20.000 EURO