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Modern living room Italian Sofas

Italian Living room Sofas the most in exquisite fabrics and design you desire, dedicated to impress and content any taste, form and shape. Dedicated for you and offered by top Italian manufactures. . As these items are made to order are fully handcrafted, lead times can vary. Production and delivery time can reach 45 - 115 days. The prices for these models can vary between 8.700 and 13.600 euros, are informative and may have subsequent changes.

High End Contemporary Velvet Sofa - Signature
High End Contemporary Suede Flower Sofa - Lotus
High End Sleepy Cat Design Soft Velvet Sofa - Gattopardo
High End Contemporary Italian Designer Quilted Suede Fabric Sofa - Collier
Modern White Faux Leather Sofa - Lión
Price: 8.700 - 13.600 EURO