Furniture Living room Modern living room Spiritual chic living room Italian furniture

Spiritual chic living room Italian furniture

Spiritual chic Collection is providing the correct amount of spiritual relax and comfortable chic style in this wonderful living room modern collection from brand Italian design in contemporary furniture. Do consider that production and delivery time can reach 45 - 60 days. The prices for these models can vary between 1.900 and 11.850 euros, are informative and may have subsequent changes

Icaro sideboard
Tango Easy sofa
Aurora Armchair
Voyage armchair detail
Isidoro secretary desk
Isidoro table
Manta rai chandelier detail
Rodin sculpture
Valentino bedside table detail
Icaro cabinet 4F
Aurora iron back armchair detail
Miss chairs
Portofino armchair
Rodin console
Icaro sideboard DS
Voyage table
Spiritual Chic living
Voyage handle detail
Voyage sideboard drawer detail
Voyage sideboard with drawers
Aquilone Mirror detail
City tamburino bedside table detail
Conico bedside table detail
Diamante sideboard
Icaro Cabinet
George book-shelf cabine
Icaro cabinet detail
Icaro sideboard DS cutout
Icaro table detail
Icaro table detail2
Icaro table
Iseo sofa

Italian design furniture manufacturer Cantori


Living room Spiritual chic modern Collection

Price: 1.900 - 11.850 EURO