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Living Room Nuvola Collection Italian Items

Born more than twenty years ago with the ambitious aim of giving new expression and a different meaning to industrial glass technology, the first time to use Murano glass as a base for their tables, this furniture is made possible by a scintillating combination of ancient knowledge in making glass and the modern technology. The result is fantastic and beautiful delivered in every piece of furniture. Do consider the production time and variations in price till firm order.

Gran canal 40 table
Dandolo 40 tables
Adone 40 coffee table
Avantgarde library
Belle epoque 40 table
Belle epoque bar
Coco de mer bar
Cubitum 40 table
Dune library
Esse 40 table
Luna hi fi
Mirage porta tv
London buffet
Avantgarde bar
Mondrian 40 table
Murano table
Scacchi 72 table
Palzzo ducale 40 table
Origami 40 table
Quartz buffet
San marco buffet
Segno library
Space 40 table
System 01 tv unit
Avantgarde Buffet
Belle Epoque Buffet
Bolshoj 72 Table
Buffet Diamante
Casanova Console
Csanova Buffet
Comfort Chair detail
Kubo Buffet
Hanami Buffet

Glass Artistry High Quality

Italian Furniture design ReflexAngelo

Price: 4.800 - 12.000 EURO