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Italian Furniture Modern Living Room Almond

The lifestyle of Capri and the Italian Riviera, the smile of Marcello Mastroianni, a table full of simple and natural flavors; but also the evocations of a Mediterranean of the soul that goes as far as St Barth and the Tropical palms, to San Francisco and the wind of Big Sur, to every corner of the planet where the breeze of Dolce Vita lively blows. All of this lives in a set of pieces that live by sun, light and sea even in their colors, where white and light shades predominate. Do consider the production time and varistion in price till firm order.

ANTONELLA armchair and pouf
BOMBO pouf
CHARLOTTE console detail
BENJAMIN consolle
ALMOND sofa tables
AXEL cabinet detail
AXEL cabinet
BELMONT sofa, BELMONT dormeuse sofa, SETH pouf
BOMBO pouf detail
CODY dining table, ANACAPRI dining chair, QUISISANA Medio cabinet
COLETTE armchair and pouf
CUPERTINO dining table, COLETTE dining chair detail
HEGE Alta bookcase, JEROME Coffee, Colette Tea & Small Sofa
JACQUES cabinet
KELLY console
LAWRENCE cabinet
SLOANE bookcase
MIKY pouf
PAUL dining table, COLETTE dining chair and HEGE Media bookcase
DOEM sofa and RODOLFO small tables
HEGE bookcase view
HEGE bookcase detail
ENEIDE bench
COLORADO cabinet
GREG small tables
HEGE bookcase
LULU armchair, LULU pouf
MAKAO 7 cabinet detail
OLYMPIA console, ANACAPRI dining chair, MIRAGGIO dining table
OTTOLINE small table 64h
PAUL dining table and HEGE Media bookcase
SLOANE bookcase detail
SLOANE bookcase side view
SOHO cabinet
ZOE console

DOM Edizioni dresses up in lightness

with a collection that brings home the Mediterranean dolce vita. Fresh and bright pieces of furniture talk about spontaneity, nature and matter.

Riviera by DOM Edizioni is a collection of natural matter.

Price: 3.000 - 15.000 EURO