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Bohemian chic modern living room

It is luxuriant, it is vibrant, it is desirable from all aspects as colors transcend emotion to live up to your best self in your daily life bringing only good vibrations and wishes. Do consider that production and delivery time can reach 45 - 60 days. The prices for these models can vary between 2.000 and 13.100 euros, are informative and may have subsequent changes

Iseo Divano, Conico tavolino, Vico SeparŐ - sofů, coffee table, sheet screen,
Aurora poltrona bacchettata, City tavolino rotondo - iron back chair, round coffee table
Twist poltrona, City tavolini, Tropea Console Rodin lampadario - armchair, coffe table, console chandelier
Aurora poltrona bacchettata - iron back chair
Capture One Catalog0074
City Tamburino comodino - bedside taable
Icaro cabinet aprerto - open
Aurora poltrona bacchettata dettaglio - iron back chair detail
City tavolino rotondo - round coffee table
Icaro Madia, Rodin specchio, Twist poltrona - sideboard, mirror , armchair
Conico tavolino, Vico SeparŐ, Iseo divano - coffee table, sheet screen, sofů
Mondrian tavolo, Mondrian sedia, Mirto 2 madia - table, chair, sideboard
Rodin Tavolo, Adria sedia Manta Ray lampadario - table, chair chandelier
Albero Libreria - bookcase
Trapezio Tavolo - Aurora sedia - Icaro cabinet - table, chair
Tango Esy divano angolare - sofa with corner 3,4
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Icaro Cabinet
Mirto 2 madia alta dettaglio - high sideboard detail
Rodin console
Nido lampadario dettaglio - chandelier detail
Rodin lampada dettaglio - lamp detail
Venezia Consolle alta dettaglio - high console detail
Twist poltrona dettaglio - Twist armchair detail
Voyage Madia - sideboard M6
Voyage poltrona, isidoro scrivania - armchair, secretary
Venezia tavolini dettaglio - coffee table detail

Modern designer in furniture Cantori

Modern living room Italian Bohemian chic

Price: 2.000 - 13.100 EURO