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Leonardo collection living room furniture

Turkish furniture in the classic royal style is produced to the order of each client within 45-50 days.

Prices vary between 10.000 - 15.000 euros / set.

Leonardo living room set
Leonardo sofa set
Lion sofa set
Lion sofa
Lion armchiar
Ferrara sofa
Ferrara living room sofa
Ferrara sofa set
Ferrara dining room set
Ferrara dining table
Ferrara showcase

Find out what are the trends in luxury furnishings with Turkish furniture

Order online living room furniture in classic luxury style from the most famous factories in Turkey.

Appreciated worldwide for the luxury design and for the quality of materials and finishes, Turkish furniture is in the top preferences of customers who want to decorate the house in the classic style.

See the most luxurious sofas for your living room

Living room sofas made in Turkey are the perfect choice for the living room. Created in a royal style, with the most luxurious upholstery and gilded carved finishes, the sofa sets from Turkish manufacturers offer elegance and comfort to a living room.

Price: 10.000 - 15.000 EURO