Italian manufacturer Cantori has launched the collection of Epoque living room sofas, which includes a wide range of classic fabric models. Several color variants are available for the fabric. Production and delivery time 45-55 days. The prices for the Epoqe model vary between 4.500 and 7.600 euros, are informative and may have subsequent changes.

Are you looking for classic Italian sofas?

If they are part of a classic set, then they will complement beautifully with the rest of the existing elements in the living room. Thus, in this case, you can choose other pieces of Italian furniture that are in visual harmony with that style. So, they will join classic chests of drawers, coffee tables or showcases from the same range. Sofas can have special wooden legs, which fit into the chosen style of interior design. The wood used for construction is one of noble essence, and can be matched with other elements found in the interior design.

Choose living room sofas with classic finishe

An example can be the fringe type finish, very common in the classic decor typical for sofas. This stands out through the carefully made details and the beautiful existing colors. The curved shapes and the composition of the classic sofas have positive influences both in the area of the decor and the practical part. Thus, such a sofa is comfortable and durable over time, preserving its beauty for many years.

Classic sofas with 4 seats Italian factory

There are sofas of different sizes, framed in the living room from the realized projects. So, you can buy sofas with 2, 3 or more seats. Armchairs from the same range can also be combined, completing an elegant and refined space. Decorative pillows and rivets or decorations that have classic sofas, highlight the precious materials and elegant finishes.

Top brands of classic Italian sofas

Nobili Design supports the refinement of any interior project and builds luxury images of the respective decorated spaces. Classic Italian sofas are an emblem of good taste. Their handmade finishes, curved patterns and special textures can beautify any home and can bring comfort and superior quality.

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August 4th, 2021