Furniture Living room Classic Sofas Allure Collection Classic Sofas For your home

Allure Collection Classic Sofas For your home

The Italian company creates gorgeous furniture, the design of which is like a transports you to another era. Favorite style for the artists of the brand is art Deco, Baroque, classical, modern – embody the special charm that attracts even the connoisseurs. Fine craftsmanship, luxurious finishes (carving, engraving, intarsia, oldness), the best materials (natural wood and leather, textiles, metal, glass), modern technology – master brand make sure every buyer received the furniture elite level. Do consider the producton period and the variations in price till firm order.

ASusten Sofas
Austen Sofa
Austen Sofas
Balzac Sofa Set
Balzac Sofa
Belli Sofa Set
Berchet Sofa set
Berchet Sofa
Brecht Sofa
Austen Sofas Set
Brecht Sofas
Byron Sofa Set
Campanella Sofa
Cavalcanti Sofa
Aleardi Sofa
Cavalcanti Sofas Set
Cuoco Sofas Set
Dante Sofa
Dante Sofas
De Stael Sofa
Della Casa Sofas Set
Dickens Sofa
Dickens Sofas
Diderot Sofa
Diderot Sofas set
Filangieri Sofa
Giusti Sofa
Goethe Sofa Set
Gordon Sofa
Gordon Sofas Set
Gozzano Set
Gozzano Sofa
Guicciardini Sofa Set
Guicciardini Sofa
Leopari Sofa Set
Marino Sofa Set
Marino Sofa
Marino Sofas Set
Maupassant Sofa Set
Maupassant Sofas Set
Mauriac Sofa
Melville Sofa set
Melville Sofa
Montesquieu Sofa
Monti Sofa Set
Monti Sofa
Nievo Soas Set
Novallis Sofa
Prevost Sofa
Puskin Sofa Set
Puskin Sofa
Quasimodo Sofa Set
Quasimodo Sofa
Serao Sofa Set
Shakespare Sofas Set
Shakespeare Sofa
Spencer Sofa Set
Stendhal Set
Tieck Sofa
Tommaseo Sofa set
Verri Sofa Set
Vico Sofas Set
Voltaire Sofa Set
King Chair
Leopardi Sofa
Leopardi Sofas

Angelo Cappellini Allure Collection

Fixed Sofas, varied colors and textures

Price: 5.000 - 20.000 EURO