Classic wooden living room furniture made of wood Francesco Passi Italy. The Francesco Pasi collections are certified with product cards, trademarks and patents, made of walnut and rosewood, with a wide range of precious furniture, executed with the utmost care for details and finishes to meet classic and contemporary style who never give up the famous safety of 100% Made in Italy.

Italian living furniture Francesco Pasi

When it comes to luxury interior design projects besides unique furniture pieces, the client also needs practical solutions regarding the interior design project. Nobili Design is a team of architects and designers from London and offers such solutions not only when it comes to simple decorations but also when it comes to choosing quality furniture. The Francesco Pasi range of high-quality furniture offers a range of accessories and pieces of furniture that combine the features of luxurious furniture. The high end italian furniture collection from the Francesco range offers a series of accessories and furniture pieces which bring together the characteristics of luxury furniture. The Chanel furniture from the Luxury Classic line proposes furniture pieces with metallic and chromed elements as well as neutral shades regarding the tapestry that are very elegant. The Classic chest-of-drawers from the Francesco Passi luxury collection is the perfect example of an art deco furniture piece having stylish geometrical shapes with a shinny surface. 

These kinds of furniture pieces can be easily integrated in the living area from an apartment or a house, depending on the space. Nobili Design recommends the italian furniture collection in order to create that elegant allure with the help of key furniture pieces. This particular luxury furniture collection comes with a dinning table, chairs and a chest-of-drawers that have an alluring design. The price for these pieces may vary according to the requested measurements, however Nobili Design offers suggestions as well as advice regarding the implementation of these furniture pieces in the space that is meant to be refurbished. Francesco Luxury Living Room Furniture Collection can be delivered anywhere in the world by Nobili Design even if the customer is not interested in the 3D interior design implementation. The team of specialists offers complete services for both the interior design as well as for the delivery of products from the luxury Italian furniture range. Choose furniture pieces with a unique design, if you want a living room with distinguished furniture elements, but at the same time, classical items.

January 16th, 2023