Furniture Dining Room Modern Dining Room Nuvola Dining Room Collection Italian Furniture

Nuvola Dining Room Collection Italian Furniture

Masters of glass, all transparency is a given glamour in every piece of furniture as tables, chairs and others furnishings, emphasizing and glamourizing through daylight and natural colors. True craft! Do consider production time and variations in price till firm order.

Amet Chair
Andromeda 72 Table
Apeiron 72 Table
Avantgarde Buffet
Ariane Chair
Bastide Chair
Belle Epoque Buffet
Big Ben Buffet
Bolshoj 72 Table
Big Ben 72 Table
Buffet Diamante
Botero 72 Table
Casanova Console
Comfort Chair
Csanova Buffet
Comfort Chair detail
Cubitum 72 Table
Dardo 72 Table
Flambe Console
Foulard Console
Impact 72 Table
Hanami Buffet
Kubo Buffet
London Buffet
London Buffet detail
Ludwig Sedia
Mathematique 72 Table
Monolite Buffet Art
Milady Chair
Monolite Buffet
Murano Table
Neolitico Console
Neolitico 72 Table
New York Chair
Oh Buffet
Oh Console
Origami Maxi Buffet
Palazzo Ducale Table
Peggy Table
Policleto Goccia Table
Prisma Buffet
Prisma Steel Console
San Marco Buffet
Reglax Chair
Signore degli anelli 72 Table
Signore degli anelli Table
Soft Chair detail
Soft Chair
Uro Buffet
Uro Madia
Venezia Chair

Fashionable Modern Design Dining

Reflexangelo Furniture for Dining Room

Price: 5.000 - 15.000 EURO

Dining room status must be approached carefully as you choose the furniture you desire. A large range part of this modern Italian furniture represented by top brands catalogues on our site will allow you to choose the best option for your dining room furniture.