Furniture Dining Room Classic Dinning Room Granguardia A Classic Italian Dinning Room

Granguardia A Classic Italian Dinning Room

The elegance and refinement that can be conveyed by a dining display case or a chair from the Granguardia collection is given by the combined finishes and materials, hand painting or hand-made sculpture embroidery gives value and uniqueness to each piece of dining furniture. Do consider that production and delivery time can reach 45 - 60 days. The prices for these models can vary between 8.000 and 15.000 euros, are informative and may have subsequent changes

Granguardia -Long Table -Dining
Granguardia -Round table with chairs -Dining
Granguardia -Round table -Dining
New Deco-Chest-Dining
Granguardia - Vetrine -Dining
Granguardia -table-Dining
Granguardia -Dining
Bookcase -Dining
Opera Vetrine-Dining
Table with chairs -Dining
Table -Dining
Dining room detail

Francesco Pasi art shape Furniture

Long Dinning room Tables

Price: 8.000 - 15.000 EURO
Model: Pasi
Material: Wood, Fabric
Color: White, Cream
Width: 80 - 180 cm
Height: 80 - 120 cm
Depth: 45 - 65 cm
Weight: 80 - 150 kg