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Allure Furniture Collection for Restaurant

New Ideas that complete this clean and modern design, the softness in materials and colors are encouraging the lines to define the whole ensemble and encourage recreation and enjoyment of the senses. Do consider the time of production and the variations in price till firm order.

DIANA dining chair view
DIANA dining chair
PAULINE bar chair
ISIDIRO bar chair, ANDREA bar table detail
ISIDIRO bar chair, ANDREA bar table
PAULINE dining bench view
FABRIZIO bar table, ISIDORO bar chair
LISE dining chair detail
PAULINE dining chair detail
VICKY dinner chair
PAULINE dining chair
PAULINE dining bench detail
PAULINE dining chair, ANDREA dining table
ROCCO bar table
PIERRE dining table, SOHO cabinets, BERNADETTE dining chair
VICKY dining chair view
PAULINE dining bench
VICKY Bar chair
VICKY Dinner bench
VICKY dinner chair detail

Angello Cappellini Furniture for Restaurant

New Endevor for Italian Hospitality Furniture

Price: 3.500 - 12.000 EURO