Furniture Bedroom Classic Bedroom Furniture Collection For Luxury Bedroom Charme

Collection For Luxury Bedroom Charme

Romantic and harmonious shapes are enriched with surprising floral details that make You feel cuddled and delighted. Charme is charming: it means glamour, attractive and engaging. This collection reflects the personality of those who furnish their homes with these unique masterpieces. Do consider production time and variations in price till firm order.

Charme Collection for bedroom

Charme Classic Bed Detail

Charme Bedroom Bench

Charme Vanity Desk 

Chest Drawer Charme Collection

Charme Vanity Desk with Pouffe

Charme Large Wardrobe

Charme Collection Cappelletti Brand

Charme Large Massive Wood Wardrobe

Price: 15.000 - 50.000 EURO